Anchor University Approval Trailed With Mixed Reactions

Although it was supposed to be a good news to all and sundry that the proposed Anchor University, sponsored by The Deeper Christian Life Ministry has finally received endorsement by the Federal Government yesterday, but the reverse was the case.

The Deeper Life University, which topped the list of 8 Varsities appended by the government yesterday, has been criticized profusely by FaceBook users for reasons best known to them.Read their comments below:

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Deeper Life Generals In Ikorodu Steps Out In Style

 What a great blessing to have these Anointed men of God at a gathering, yours sincerely, it must be super awesome. Little wonder the Psalmst succinctly posited : How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in  unity.See more photos below
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BREAKTHROUGH!!! Male Birth Control Injection Is Here

The female folks can now heave a sigh of relief from being, most often than none the target of fertility control as a new study has validated that a male birth control shot is effective at preventing pregnancy.

I’m sure this news will probably get a woah! from women than men, as the men may tend to ignore it, but the findings is true that before now, the choice of birth control for men is limited to condoms, withdrawal, and vasectomy. The male birth control shot may provide more choice for controlling male fertility in the future.

According to the report published on Medical News Today, titled:  “Male birth control shot shows promise” ,  it was revealed that the aim of the new study was to test the effectiveness and safety of giving men injections of a long-acting progestogen called norethisterone enanthate, alongside replacement doses of a long-acting androgen called testosterone undecanoate, for preventing pregnancy in female partners.

“The primary study objectives were to suppress the men's sperm count to below 1 million per milliliter through using birth control shots, maintaining sperm count suppression, and ensuring sperm count returns to normal limits”.

The researchers also measured concentrations of steroid hormones and gonadotropins, monitored adverse events to determine the safety of the hormone concoction, and issued questionnaires to see if participants were accepting of using the method.

“The study found it is possible to have a hormonal contraceptive for men that reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies in the partners of men who use it," says study author Dr. Mario Philip Reyes Festin, of the World Health Organization (WHO). "Our findings confirmed the efficacy of this contraceptive method previously seen in small studies."

Thus, hearty cheers to women for the great relief, while we say a big welcome to our male counterparts for coming onboard into more choices of birth control.
Hope you wouldn’t say I’m biased though my tone?*winks*

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Nigerians Celebrate World Egg Day Amidst Scarcity of Eggs

Every second Friday of October of each year is dedicated to the celebration of World Egg Day as it had been established at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference. And the campaign on the consumption of eggs is on –going all over the world, owing to the loads of health benefits it wields. Experts on nutrition have validated it  benefits for heart health, pregnant mums, breast feeding mums, kids and adults in general.
As essential as this is, it is important to note that only very few homes can afford  eggs now, more importantly, when  a crate now goes  for  N1100, compare to N600 or N700 as it was been sold earlier this year.
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33rd FOLGONM Scientific Workshop Holds October 5

Its that time of the year again, when grass-root nurses across the nation converge at a designated place to chart progress path for their profession, amidst varied health issues.The theme for this year's FOLGONM national scientific workshop is :" Emerging Health Issues: A challenge for Health Promotion".
Venue: Adeyemi Bero Audutorium, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.
Time: 10:00 am Prompt
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Free Eye Operation For Cataract,Glaucoma & Pterygium Patients

 For those who have been grappling with the burden of cataract, gluacoma, and pterygium for years without remedy due to financial incapacitation, there is good tidings from the Indo  Eye Care Foundation, as the foundation in collaboration with other sponsors is set to conduct free eye screening and operation for sufferers of these conditions.
The Foundation in a secular sent to stakeholders revealed that the screening will commence on September 6-7, from 9:00 am to 6:00pm, at 1, D' Alberto  Road, Palmgrove, Lagos.While the operation centre is General Hospital Marina, Lagos, from September 8-21.
For further details call : 08027779912,08053256665

The eye is the light of the body, help somebody today by sharing the information with them.They will ever remain grateful to you.

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