Breast Cancer is Not A Death Sentence- Survivors True Life Stories


Co-founder of the Bricon Foundation, Abigail Simon-Hart and Della Ogunleye,
Co-founder of the Bricon Foundation, Abigail Simon-Hart and Della Ogunleye,

 It is not an exaggeration that breast cancer phobia, anxiety, and depression constitute more than 50 percent of factors that have sent many breast cancer patients to early grave, as studies have shown that shock from the diagnosis make some cases worsen than the condition itself.

However, two survivors have disclosed that being diagnosed with breast cancer is not the end of your life, as every breast cancer patients can live their lives to the fullest, if diagnosed early and properly guided medically.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the most widespread diseases worldwide, while breast cancer is responsible for a large percent of maternal death in Nigeria.

Narrating her true life story of how she escaped from the net of breast cancer, Della Ogunleye, a breast cancer survivor and the CEO, DDS African Cancer Support Group based in the UK, said she was diagnosed at the UK, but she didn’t fret not threatened about it, assuring herself that she has got to live her life to the fullest.

She explained how she informed her confidants about the development and she was advised to go for medical attention, and fortunately, it was removed because it was diagnosed early.
Her word: “When you are diagnosed with cancer, you need support. Somebody has to hear your voice. We should stop wallowing in self-pity. If we don’t tell the government what to do, it’s a waste of time. We should target the right audience”

For the Co-founder of the Bricon Foundation, Abigail Simon-Hart, her case was almost impossible as the cancer had spread across to the two breasts, when she was diagnosed, but she was able to break out of the condition because of her determination to get rid of it.

Hear her out:“I personally was diagnosed of breast cancer in 2014, fortunately it was discovered early. So I had a double mastectomy, which means I removed both breast and I’m currently cancer free, due to the fact that we got it early. So I’m a great advocate of cancer awareness creation, as I make bold to tell anyone I’m  a cancer survivor and I’m  not ashamed about it. As long as people are afraid, it brings stigma, and as long as there is stigma, people will be unwilling to come out for screening”.

Calling for more advocacy on breast cancer as it is usually observed every month of October, she noted that awareness is key, but unfortunately, most Nigerians usually present late for diagnosis, which makes it a very difficult task for the healthcare team.

To achieve the best healthcare outcome, she urged patients to seek help as soon as they notice any strange development on their bodies, “whether on your breast, skin, on urine, it is important you get it checked, because it’s all about early detection”.

Other experts have also stressed the importance of getting adequate information on the condition. Getting diagnosed with cancer comes as a shock to anyone, but one important way of coping with it is to be well informed. Cancer is often surrounded by an aura of myth, and much of what we think we know about it can be based on hearsay.

So, an important first step is to get as much (specific) information as possible, from both your doctor and other reliable sources.

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CAN Condemns Sukkuk Bond, Says It Is A Ploy to Islamise Nigeria

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has  again raised grounds of objection to what it described as ‘the  unrelenting plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria to introduce Islamic financing into a secular state in violation of Section 10 of the Constitution’.\

According to this section in the Constitution, the Nigerian State is Secular and Government is expected to be neutral on issues involving religion. By promoting a sectional religious financial policy, the Government is violating both the spirit and the letter of Section 10 of the Constitution.

According to a press statement, released to the media from the office of the Special Assistant (Media & Communications) to the CAN President, his eminence, Rev Samson Olasupo A. Ayokunle Ph.D.; Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, the Christian Association of Nigeria has been protesting against this aberration since the Osun State Government, under Governor Rafiu Aregbesola embarked on this violation of the Constitution. Rather than stand in the defense of the Constitution, it is disappointing to note that the Federal Government, is pursuing what is out rightly a confirmation of an Islamization Agenda.

It stated that the recent floating of Sukkuk Bond by the Federal Government is not only sectional but illegal and a violation of the Constitution. Every law that has been promulgated to back the Sukkuk issuance and promote an Islamic banking system in Nigeria is ultra vires, illegal, null and void.
It further read : “Islamic finance is financing which conforms to the doctrines of the Islamic law known as “Shari’a”. The sources of Shari’a (in hierarchical order) are as follows:

“(1). The Qur’an; (2). Sunna (the teachings and practices of The Prophet Muhammad); and (3). Ijtihad and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).
“There has never been a time that Nigerians held a Referendum or convened a Constituent Assembly that passed a resolution that the nation has transmuted into an Islamic State.
“Therefore, the manipulations and scheming to smuggle the country into a full blown Islamic state should stop. These manipulations became apparent with the smuggling of Nigeria into OIC in 1986, by the Ibrahim Babangida Military junta.

Objections of CAN to the Sukkuk Bond are stated below:
1.  “ Funds raised under Sukkuk MUST be used for Shariah compliant (halal) activities. Nigeria is not a Sharia compliant nation, it is a Democratic country. Nigeria cannot operate two National Ideologies.
2.  “ The Sukkuk shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as the Islamic Law of Mu’amalatmaliyyah. We insist that there cannot be two laws for one nation.
3.   “ Sukkuk is ASSET BASED banking system unlike the conventional banking that is ASSET BACKED. While under the conventional banking system, the borrower provides collateral to back the loan and retrieves his asset after the loan is redeemed, under Sukkuk, the loan is BASED on an asset which is land and irredeemable. The Sukkuk holder (lender) accepts land as asset on which the loan is based. At no time does the title pass to the customer, nor is it expected to pass. If the customer wishes to retrieve his asset at a later date, a separate agreement has to be drawn up. This in our view, is a sly and treacherous attempt to sell Nigeria to Arab Islamic Nations. It infringes on the sovereignty of Nigeria as the loan giver becomes part owner of the land of the receiver.
4.   “ The operation of Sukkuk is based on Islamic value system and Sharia Jurisprudence. This makes Sukkuk unconstitutional.
5.    “The IMF says that the issuance of Sukkuk by non-Islamic states/countries is a breach of the religious neutrality of the government of such state.

“The Federal Government must dismantle all legal and institutional framework established to promote Islamic Financing in Nigeria. The NEW RULES/AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, Section 313(6) of the Investments and Securities Act 2007, and all other forms of law guiding operation of Sukkuk issuance in Nigeria should be repealed, forthwith.
“In the alternative, legal redress willl be sought to defend the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria if the National Assembly failed to checkmate the Executive on this unconstititional action.
“We affirm that the territorial integrity of Nigeria is undermined through the issuance of Sukkuk in the country. We hope that the Federal Government shall desist in its policies of unbridled religious sectionalism.

However, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has responded to CAN, accusing CAN  of Islamophobia.

In a statement by the Deputy Secretary General of the NSCIA, Salisu Shehu, as reported by Premium Times, he said “CAN cannot claim ignorance about the fact that even the World Bank has been involved in issuing SUKUK and the floating of SUKUK Bonds. Interestingly also, several non-Muslim countries across Africa, Europe and Asia have also instituted Islamic Financial System generally and SUKUK in particular. Worthy of mention here are Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Russia, China, Singapore and a number of firms in the United States”.
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Lagos Nurses&Midwives Hold 2017 Annual Scientific Conference

It's that time of the year, when the National Association of  Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) treat members with insightful seminars for better performance in healthcare delivery.
The conference is billed to run from 18-22 September 2017, at the Nurses House, NANNM Secretariat, 19, Amaraolu Street, Agidigbin, Ikeja.

Registration fee is only N20,000 flat.
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Don Moen Is Not Dead but Alive- Says Son

 Contrary to the rumours making the round this morning that the ace gospel musician, Don Moen is dead, his son, Michael has just confirmed to Frank Edward on Twitter that his dad is hale and hearty.
 See their conversation on Frank’s Twitter handle@FRANKRICHBOY below:

Hey Micheal, Frank Edwards here,
How is dad?
Hey Frank-“dad is great and in good health. That article is false and just trying get people to click thru to their website. I'll have dad post something on social media shortly so people know. Thanks for reaching out.”


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Revealed: How To Look More Beautiful And Sociable

The female folks are known to be more concern about their looks and social status, while most men don’t care about the signals their facial appearances send to whom it may concern, provided they’ve got some cash to play around with.
Findings from a new study have shown that sleeping for fewer hours than the medically recommended period makes people look less attractive and social.
The research conducted by Sotckholm scientists and published on StarHealth revealed that people are more likely to avoid eye contact with those who show signs of sleep deprivation, in order to avoid health risks and poor interactions from them.

To conduct the investigation, they involved 25 male and female university students who were photographed after two days of sleep restriction of normal sleep.

Thereafter,  the participants were asked to get a good night’s sleep for two consecutive nights and restrict it to four hours a night a week later, for another two nights in a row.

The researchers then took make-up free photos of them after both sessions. The photos were rated by 122 people on how much they would like to socialise with participants. Attractiveness, health, sleepiness and trustworthiness were also rated.

The researchers found people less willing to socialise with sleep-deprived subjects, whom they also found less healthy and less attractive.
According to Professor John Axelsson, co-author of the study, “people in the study were less likely to socialise with tired-looking women”.

“If someone looks tired, they look less interested in being with you and as if they would rather be asleep or alone," he said. “They are a risk factor, in that they probably won’t be as good at collaborating and could make mistakes or cause accidents.”
 “An unhealthy-looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others," said Axelsson.
Now that you have heard it, if you want to look more attractive, healthy, sociable, observe you regular night sleep.
#LookingGood  #ObserveNightSleep

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Pastor Kumuyi In Ikorodu Again For Double,Tripple,Multiple Miracles

Ikorodu Are You Ready??? In this special month of birth of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, he has decided to embarrass the residents of Ikorodu with loads of God's blessings with his scheduled Double Visits within a week to the people of #IkoroduOga.

The first phase of the historic visit is earmarked for the crusade themed: "Solution Night"- promising divine solutions to the myriads of peoples' problems.Date: 20 June,2017.Venue for this is the Ikorodu  Musical Village, by Oke-Ota Ona, and time is 5pm.

While the second programme will be held at the Deeper Life Camp Ground, Igbalu, Ikorodu, on Sunday, 25 June, 2017. Time is :7:30 Am Prompt.

You can't afford to miss out of this Divine Visitation of God.


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